Покрытия с высокой лучевой прочностью

Optics-M consistently delivers optics with exceptional laser damage resistance characteristics because we fabricate, coat and even test all our products. The optical coating is generally the limiting factor in the performance ability of a high-power laser system. For example, the most common failure mode of high-power optical coatings results from the presence of absorption sites within the coating or at the coating's interface with the substrate or air. These absorption sites are usually in the form of gross defects that absorb laser energy, resulting in heat generation that causes localized melting or thermal stress factors. Failure by this mechanism is usually catastrophic.

Performing actual measurements of both absorption and laser damage threshold are also critical, and here Optics-M is unique because we have a well-equipped in-house laser damage testing lab with several different laser pulsewidths and wavelengths: First it enables us to develop an in depth understanding of the relationship between various deposition, cleaning and post coating annealing technologies and laser damage mechanisms. And just as important, we are able to test products with higher regularity and frequency than other manufacturers, ensuring continuous evaluation and feedback for our fabrication processes.

The results of all this are the ability to produce a wide range of coatings with superior and consistent laser damage resistance properties for wavelengths from 266 nm to 10.6 µm.