We need talents!

We need talents!

Optics-m hunting for clever and talented employees! For work in the Moscow-office we need the optics-engineers! The main requirements to the candidate – commitment and initiative and, of course, PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE. And also … For work on production sites of Optics-M employees to positions are required: deputy chief engineer, process engineer, turner, optics-engineer.

The production Optics-M base is located in Dyatkovo and Ryazan. We wait for the summary:,

Happy businessman!

All of us studied, then worked, generally the hired employees. Day came, and you thought on independence and freedom, day when the thought on own business came to your head.

Such ideas visited you even more often, probably, you even saved the starting capital and, decided … Today you have big bosses chair and your staff. You the real businessman – rational, initiative, persistent.

Optics-M congratulates you on day of the businessman (we celebrate it in RussiaJ). We are proud, that we work together. And we are always ready to help!